Fitness In 2020

2020 certainly provided some unique challenges to the fitness community, and at a time when fitness was boasted as paramount.

What Happened?

For most, 2020 started out like many other years for the fitness enthusiast. New goals were set, new expectations were measured, and a new mindset was crafted for the battle.

Whether you normally workout at home or at the gym, you likely felt an impact from the bombshell of a pandemic. Gear was hard to find, if this was the year for a new bike, barbell, or bumper plate, you could just forget about it for the most part. If you normally worked out in a gym, it was highly likely that it had to close. Many gym owners had to shutter their businesses, and unfortunately for a lot, it was the end of the road.

2020 didn't lack in the creative category for fitness though. Fitness classes were held via Zoom Meetings, home gyms were created quickly with some of the most unlikely items being filled with heavy materials. Impromptu sandbags were being made out of old backpacks, barbells out of bamboo, bumper plates sawed out of cut down trees. While there wasn't much to enjoy about what happened to gyms and fitness in 2020, seeing the creativity of human beings on a mission is always a welcome sight.

Most of the sporting world eventually found a way to have their seasons or events, but it wasn't without a pretty hefty level of adjustments to the normal course of competition.

CrossFit was able to hold their World Championship through a hybrid of online and in person events. The first stage was all online with the competitors competing in their home box, and the second was in person in Aromas, California featuring only the top five men, and the top five ladies. All in all, the sport got the champions in Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey that would have likely prevailed at the normal event, but after a year plagued with ownership changes over the topic of inclusion, having 10 athletes on the World Stage was not the showcase they were hoping for.

USA Weightlifting faced their own challenges. First with a heap of competitions having to be moved to an online format, and secondly, the cancellation of the Olympics. Most of Team USA lifters are young and will certainly be able to compete when the Olympics are held, but it doesn't change the fact that they were all peaked and ready for a platform in the Summer of 2020. Following the cancellation of the Olympics there have been some not so wholesome shifts in power at the international level. It is believed that most of these shifts have taken place to give some countries that have not been on the up and up with drug testing over the years an upper hand.

There is a lot to look forward to in 2021, but just seeing 2020 in the rearview mirror will be comforting to most.